The Realities Of Life.

 The Realities of Life (AOAD TECHNOLOGIES) is a blog website that is typically into Affiliate Marketing, Advertising and Entertainment. Other aspects are on human behaviour, life style and activities in the society. It tells the story of events that have taken place which portrays how humans behave at different stages, conditions and places in life. These actions, depending on the events, are the norms, values and social vices we all experience or see in our societies today. Human beings are influenced by their peer groups to act the way they act, or the places they lived or are living as well as their individual intrinsic behaviours.

Realities of Life also beams its search light on men and women of great virtues, The Who Is Who in the society in recognition of their contributions to mankind and the society. Realities of Life are situations, events, behaviours, cultural practices which can be prevented, controlled or uncontrollable but stands like FATE. Fate has nothing but to fulfil. They teach great lessons, bitter or interesting, they are "The Realities of life". Names and places used are just representation and coincidental.


We entertain and tell you stories around the world that borders on culture, politics, religion and life style.

Life has no definite definition, life have been defined by many individuals in different ways based on their experiences. Life is a Mystery, Life is Precious, Life is Good, Life is the breath and the spirit in humans.

What is your own definition of life?

Things are not always the way, they seem to be in life, so be careful when taking decisions as they form part of your history and that of your family.

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Our team is made up of experts filled with wisdom and morals who are ready to make great impact in the society. We are dedicated and researching on daily basis to improve upon our existing work and discovering more for a better society.

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